About Us

We are fortunate enough to be a large enough company that we can cater to customers all over the UK and Northern Ireland, but yet we remain small enough to really care about every one of our clients. We have many years of experience behind us and know what it takes to pull out all the stops on a customers’ wedding day or special event such as a function or even a corporate trip. With more cars available than any of our competitors, we aim to offer the finest and largest selection available anywhere in the country. Another great site for wedding cars and Limos is Wedding Cars.

Customer service is at the top of our list of priorities because if our customers are not entirely happy, they will not come back again. This would be disastrous for a company like ours because it’s the repeat business that really makes us a profitable enterprise. Without our customers coming back time after time, we would have gone to the grave as a company some years ago, for sure.

Limo Hire Coventry challenge you to try to find a more customer focussed or a more affordable firm that can offer the same quality and quantity of limousines that we do at a cheaper price than we offer. If you find one, we will refund the difference to you immediately. However, many have tried before you and failed miserably. Give it a try and then contact the masters of limo rental. We like to show them how it’s really done.