Chauffeur Driven Limo

Each of our cars comes with a fully uniformed, well trained and highly experienced chauffeur driver who has passed an advanced driving test. Limousines and grooms cars are fabulous automobiles to rent for any special function or high society event. Distance is no object but please be aware that the closer you are to where the vehicle is based, the cheaper you will be able to get the vehicle for. Our chauffeurs will deliver VIP treatment and a five star service, every inch of the way.

Our chauffeurs are mainly self-employed so please be aware of wedding etiquette and consider leaving them a tip if you are hiring them for a wedding. It is not expected but when it is given, it is always greatly appreciated. If it is a special function or prom, for example, no tip is necessary. Of course you would only offer the driver a tip if the service they provided was of a particularly high quality.

People generally consider a chauffeurs job to be for single men only. The reason for this is because of the hours that they work, which are long and often highly unsociable. Limo Hire Coventry treat our own chauffeur drivers with many perks because without them, we would not be in business. We believe that a good servant deserves to be rewarded well. If you need to hire a chauffeur driven limousine today, please get in touch right away and one of the team will contact you to see how we can help.