Jeep Limo

With more Jeep Limousines than any other firm in the country, we are sure you will find the ideal mode of transportation when you book via our site. Our Jeep Limousines have adopted the name ‘nightclub on wheels.’ And that, basically, is what they are. They are fully equipped with surround sound systems and disco lighting, as well as air conditioning and built in alcoholic bar. If it’s a good night out on the tiles you are after, what better way to do it than to hire your very own Limo Jeep nightclub on wheels for the evening?

Try our Grand Cherokee Jeep Limousine for a fabulous night out with all your mates. This monster truck holds as many as 18 passengers and the driver. There are mountains of room for everyone so let your hair down and enjoy yourself whilst being driven about town in this super limousine motor car. Alternatively, you may decide upon our Navigator Jeep Limousine. This is another beautifully designed monster of a vehicle and again there are bags of room for everyone involved. Let us show you a real good time in one of our Limousine Jeeps. Give Limo Hire Coventry a call today for more information and our full price list.