Limo Hire

As one of the most highly sought after limousine hire companies in town, we showcase one of the rarest and most comprehensive fleets of limos in Coventry. When you secure a booking with one of our vehicles and chauffeur drivers, your driver will ensure that your car will arrive with plenty of time to spare. He will also have inspected the route, in advance, to make sure there are no unexpected road-works or delays along the way.

You won’t want to get out of the limo once you experience the disco lights and surround sound music system and all the other whistles and bells that our cars have attached to them. If you require the vehicle to also take you and your guest’s home at the end of the evening that will not be a problem as that is what we expect, anyway. Limo Hire Coventry offers a superior limo hire service of the most outstanding quality and at the lowest prices possible.